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All Hail HIM: The 5th Annual HIMoin Overdose Show

HIM a.k.a. His Infernal Majesty, are a metal + hard rock band, based in Helsinki, Finland that began life in the early 1990's as a Black Sabbath cover band. Over time they developed a sound somewhere between goth and doom metal initially and later the doom sound incorporated more of a stoner metal edge. Love them or hate them, they are a major inspiration for e.V.'s Underground. The show's producer tripped over them and their vocalist while searching for a Lee Hazlewood song, Summer Wine, on Youtube. And the rest is history. So, every year, on (or near) the birthday of their frontman, as a nod to that formative inspiration, we have a show featuring almost nothing but HIM's music. They have an impressive back catalogue, so this isn't hard to do.

What the heck is HIMOIN, you ask? Al alternative to HEROIN, that is legal and healthy. :)

Mainline some, aurally, ON_DEMAND here. direct from the Mothership, the Mighty 93.1

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