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From Hell(sinki) with Love

Tuesday and Wednesday Sept 23r and 24th saw 2 excellent bands from Helsinki blow through Ottawa. Despite early attempts to snag an interview with the legendary heavy metal cellists of Apocalyptica, neither I nor Dave Sarazin, our Program Manager heard diddlysquat back from the label nor their UK media guys. A friend who'd promised to snag me tix dawdled till they were all gone - the venue was small - Capital City Music Hall, and many of us were scratching our heads over the choice of place to play. But never fear - Thorn DID catch them and he will be giving listeners and me a the lowdown on how the show went down.

However, all is not lost... I did manage to catch a Norther(N) wind, as Finnish melodic death metal masters Norther blistered through a tight 14-song set, at Maverick's Bar, in support of their new album, N. This was the band's first North American tour. 3 local bands opened for them. Comparisons with Children of Bodom are nonsense: Norther put CoB to utter shame.

Norther's members almost all play in other bands: guitarist Petri Lindroos with Viking metal band Ensiferum, second guitarists Kristian 'Kride' Ranta with Gashouse Garden, and drummer Heikki Saari, who is also with Force Majeur, and (live only) with Tuoni.

I interviewed bassist Jukka Koskinen, who also plays with folk metal group Wintersun. You'll be hearing that on an upcoming show!

Norther's myspace page.
Apocalyptica''s myspace page.

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