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Iconcrash's Frontman Announces Solo Project, Denies Band's Demise

Rumours of Iconcrash's demise are unfounded according to the Finnish 5-piece darkwave electrorockers' frontman, Jaani Peuhu, who has just announced an upcoming solo project on his new webpage. From the videoblog he has posted, at least one song will feature kantele Finland's national instrument, a type of zither.

Peuhu founded Iconcrash as a solo project, according to the band's biography on Metal from Finland, releasing Nude in 2005. The band's latest release is Inkeroinen (2011).

"Stockholm", from Inkeroinen.

"Love Like Mercury" from Inkeroinen:

Iconcrash entered the competition to represent Finland for the 2012 Eurovision song contest (see interview below), placing in

the top 6 finalists but failing to go further when Peuhu suffered a vocal setback due to a severe flu. Their Eurovision entry, "We Are The Night" was released as a single and charted in the Finnish top ten. It is also available as part of the 'Inkeroinen' Special Edition CD.

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